What Is It ? : 

A fashion camp where young fashionistas will learn fashion from an introspective viewpoint.
Exploring fashion as a means of self expression.

The camp will focus on:

  • Understanding fashion and age appropriate styles
  • Interpreting fashion through positive comparisons
  •  develop individuality and self esteem
  • Helping girls discover what works best for their body type, and how to develop their 
    own personal style,
  • Learning that not all fashion is ideal for every body type
  • Todays role models, reality vs. the runway. 
  •  how to accessorize any outfit, and make it your own.
  • How to look great without breaking their piggy banks, or their parents.
  • Expressing ones self thru fashion and thinking thru style choices. 
  • How to feel like you fit in the group without looking the same.
  • Accepting people for who they are inside before judging the outside.                                

  • Who it's for ? :

Girls age 8 to 13 who could use a boost to their confidence, self esteem and Individuality
that want to express creativity and learn about fashion.